Captions for videos on EN301549 now in French and German

The videos about the European standard EN301549 that Funka made sponsored by Microsoft have had a very big impact. The series of videos is an attempt to make the EN301549 a bit easier to understand. Now the captions of the videos have been translated into French and German.

The European Standard EN301549 was created on a mandate from the EU Commission and contains minimum accessibility requirements for public procurement of IT. With funding from Microsoft, Funka has produced videos that explain the standard for developers and procurers.

The videos are in English, but in collaboration with local partners, the captions of the videos have been translated into several different languages. Earlier, captions were translated into English, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. Recently, German and French have also been added. In countries where the translations have been in use for a while, there are many who appreciate them and use them in different ways.

Making the language of a standard clear and explain its importance in the life of a user is not an easy task. Funka has done a remarkable job with this video series on EN301549. Spreading the message to the world that expresses itself in Portuguese is also Universal Design - we had to do it, says Jorge Fernandes, Head of ACCESS Unit of the FCT / Ministry of Science, Technology & Higher Education, Portugal.
We get lots of questions about what EN301549 actually is and how accessibility and EN301549 should be addressed in procurement, in the creation of services and what all this actually entails. This video series is of great help and is of great support for us in understanding accessibility on a deeper level and in spreading the accessibility gospel, says Markus Rahkola, senior specialist at the Ministry of Finance, Finland.

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Accessibility requirements for public procurement

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