Translated captions of the EN-standard videos

The videos on the EN301549, which we produced in cooperation with Microsoft, have become very popular and are being used in many countries. In order to reach yet more viewers, we have started a new assignment where we, in cooperation with local partners, translate the content of the captions into a number of different languages.

We have already performed several training sessions on the standard and my guess is that we will continue to do so for a long time, says Andreas Cederbom, Head of the Analysis department at Funka. Many procures lack previous experience in writing requirements on accessibility.

The videos on the EN-standard are in English. But we are now producing captions in Swedish, Finnish, Spanish and Portuguese. Most likely, this is just the beginning. Several other countries are also interested and we believe that we will continue to both produce videos and perform training on the standard.

To achieve maximum spread, we have a local partner in each country. The local partners are the respective supervisory authorities and ministries responsible for web accessibility in each European country.

Making the language of a standard clear and explain its importance in the life of a user is not an easy task. Funka has done a remarkable job with this video series on EN301549. Spreading the message to the world that expresses itself in Portuguese is also Universal Design - we had to do it, says Jorge Fernandes, Head of ACCESS Unit of the FCT / Ministry of Science, Technology & Higher Education (Portugal).
PTS wants there to be a broad range of products available in the field of electronic communications. Therefore, we would like to contribute in different ways to make it possible for as many as possible to be able to use the standard in the easiest thinkable way, says Malin Wahlquist at The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS).

The Spanish captions are already being used in education at the open university in Madrid and they are being distributed by both the Spanish and Mexican governments. The Portuguese captions are part of the Portugal government’s effort on web accessibility and they are also part of a package that we have created for the Brazilian government.

The translated captions are continuously uploaded during the spring and the project consisting of the translations of the 4 languages will be finished in August.

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