Workshop in Genua

RISEWISE is a EU-funded project under the Marie Curie instrument, aiming to share knowledge between European universities, experts and research institutions around women with disabilities, ICT accessibility and assistive technology.

Most of the project is focused on the knowledge sharing process and the many Phd students, Professors and experts involved are enjoying the opportunity to travel and work at other institutions under the four year project.

I am sure we all learn from this exchange of competences and interests, says Roberto Zuffada, Project Manager for European Projects at Funka. Welcoming researchers from other countries to Funka is a real pleasure.

Another part of the project is to arrange events for the members of the consortium to meet each other and discuss important topics more in depth in the workshop format. In September, the University of Genua arranged a workshop in the absolutely breathtakingly beautiful renaissance palace which nowadays is used as the grand auditorium of the legal institution.

The program was quite broad and the aim interdisciplinary. Researchers and experts from social, psychological, political, medical, and above all technological fields presented and discussed around women with disabilities, but also social inclusion and assistive technology in general. It was an interesting day where different perspectives and best practices from various disciplines were covered.

The cultural and geographical diversity makes this project even more interesting, says Susanna Laurin, CEO of Funka. To discuss inclusion with Turkish human rights organisations adds a healthy perspective to the policy work we are doing in Scandinavia.

EU-project on women with disabilities


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