Welcome to the Funka – EDF Digital Accessibility Update!

On June 9th, Funka - the Swedish consultant company and a market leader in the field of web accessibility in Europe, is organizing its first international Digital Accessibility Update co-hosted with European Disability Forum, EDF. Come join us to learn about the latest news in the field!

Funka - EDF Accessibility Update

From the webinar 9th of June 2021

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Funka’s Research & Innovation department have been organising Accessibility Updates in the Nordic countries every 6 months for as long as we can remember. Now it’s time to move the tradition to the EU-level!

The idea behind the Accessibility Updates is to share knowledge with the disability community – after all, you are the real experts and the reason Funka exists. We will present results from ongoing research and innovation projects, answer questions and make new friends!

If you or your organisation have a challenge or problem that you can’t solve on your own, please don’t hesitate to present it to us – maybe we can find a way to tackle it together!

Who is the update for?

We welcome everyone – but the update is tailored to people with disabilities, disabled persons organisations, service providers and professionals working with disability related issues.

Date: 9th June

Time: 13.30-15.30 PM CEST

Place: Online via Zoom, you will receive an email with a link to the webinar.


The webinar will be in English. International sign language interpretation and live captions will be provided, as well as automated translation of the captions into French, German, Spanish and Swedish.


The update is free of charge, but you have to register.

Registration is now closed.

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If you have any questions – reach out to Ewa Björk today!

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