Research results: guidelines on authoring tools

Did you know that most of the research we perform results in something that everyone can benefit from? Right now, we are distributing material from an exciting EU-funded research project called We4Authors, where we have produced supporting material for people who are about to procure or develop an authoring tool.

Within the framework of the project, we have mapped which publishing systems are most commonly used in the public sector in EU member states. A diverse picture appears, where some global players have a major impact on the market, but also major regional differences. It is clear that many procure local tools.

In the project, we developed prototypes and conducted tests of the most commonly used tools, to determine how much support they give to web authors who aim to publish accessible. We also conducted a series of workshops with web authors, end users with disabilities and suppliers to understand how best to transform the project's results into practical advice. This work resulted in three guidelines aimed at the different target groups.

Both the publishing tool mapping and the guidelines are free for everyone to use and can be downloaded from the project website.

Mapping and market analysis, opens in new window

Guidelines for various stakeholder groups, opens in new window

Content Management Systems that generate accessibility