Guidelines for stakeholders

Funka has analysed the main results of the prototyping and testing of accessibility features in different authoring tools as well as the workshops with stakeholders. The result is a set of 3 different guidelines, presented below.

Overall results of the workshops feeding into the guidelines

Stakeholders participating in the workshops report a lack of competence about accessibility in all levels:

  • managers do not understand the need for resources
  • procurers do not include quality measures when it comes to accessibility requirements
  • website responsible do not know how to test the delivery from an accessibility point of view
  • web authors do not know how to publish accessible
  • procurers find it difficult to validate which company can be trusted when it comes to accessibility
  • the general market cannot provide the expertise the website owners are looking for
  • lack of interaction with end users with disabilities
  • some work is based on standards, but very little seems to have been tested in real life with actual users with different needs and impairments

It was clear from the workshop discussions that an introduction on accessibility in general, regulations and standards, and, perhaps most importantly, specific end user needs for persons with disabilities must be included in the guidelines.

Based on these conclustions, three guidelines was developed:

Guidelines for public sector authorities, pdf (268 kb), opens in new window

Guidelines for authoring tools producers, pdf (399 kb), opens in new window

Guidelines for ICT suppliers, pdf (391 kb), opens in new window