What is We4Authors

We4Authors is the acronym of “Pilot on web accessibility for web authoring tools producers and communities”, a European Pilot Project led by Funka.

This pilot project consists of a set of focused initiatives with the most relevant and used licensed and open source authoring tools in public sector in Europe, that fosters and facilitates the incorporation of accessibility features as the default option in authoring tools.

Funka is working together with selected European authoring tools producers to:

  • try out a set of accessibility by default features on a group of popular authoring tools widely used in EU public government units,
  • make some prototyping of features accessible by default or supporting authors to publish accessible in the framework or template of the authoring tools,
  • test the prototypes with existing users and finally write guidelines for the authoring tools producers community, suppliers and public government to enhance the way accessibility by default features.

The ultimate objective of We4Authors is to stimulate the market, creating new expectations and healthy competition for web authoring tools producers wanting to incorporate accessibility features by default to meet the growing demand set by the new EU regulations. Moreover, the pilot is planning to provide good practice and concrete guidelines for the whole community, as well as intensive networking activities among the key stakeholders involved in the authoring tools accessibility aspects.

Title: Pilot on web accessibility for web authoring tools producers and communities
Partners: Funka (leader), CTIC-W3C Spain (partner)
Budget: 150.000 EUR
Duration: May 2018 – November 2019