Main objectives

The overall objective of the project is to structure a set of focused initiatives with the most relevant and used licensed as well as open source authoring tools in the European public sector, creating a holistic pilot, that fosters and facilitates the incorporation of accessibility features as the default option in authoring tools, thereby making it easy to publish accessible content, even without extensive knowledge on accessibility features.

The pilot project focuses on the following specific objectives to produce the maximum impact in the authoring tools market, and particularly those with more impact in Member States public government websites. 

  • To investigate, together with the authoring tools representatives and virtual communities behind open source authoring tools platforms, the actual accessibility status of a group of popular authoring tools widely used in EU public government units.
  • To discuss potential mitigation actions for each authoring tools analysed on how to incorporate accessibility features in an efficient way during the project lifecycle and beyond.
  • To make some prototypes and/or examples of templates of compliant features for each authoring tools analysed.
  • To test prototypes with users and customers to actually verify how the accessibility features implemented can have a direct impact.
  • To compose and overall agree with key stakeholders in Europe a set of guidelines on how the authoring tools community can carry out accessibility enhancements by default in their products and solutions.
  • To stimulate the market with a wide range of networking activities, dissemination and communication actions to reach the key players and main decision makers, as a way to incentivise competition in the area and raise overall awareness in all stakeholders groups.