Main activities and results

Elaboration of a market analysis and benchmarking process of existing authoring tools.
In this activity we carried out a brief analysis of the most widely used authoring tools in Europe among public government websites. From the resulting list, we chose which authoring tools to work with in the project.

The market analysis, list of most spread authoring tools and selection are presented on the website under Market analysis.

Collaboration with tool producers, elaboration of prototypes and quick testing of authoring tools.
In this activity, we had discussions and collaboration with authoring tools producers to explore the current situation and the best way to incorporate accessibility by default in their tools. As a result, some ideas of good practices and prototypes have been developed, implemented and tested with web authors, as well as reported and measured in terms of achieved impact.

Workshops with stakeholders.
Based on the experiences from the sample of selected authoring tools, 3 different workshops with relevant stakeholders has been organised in order to introduce preliminary results and get feedback on the best way to produce guidelines.

Production of accessibility guidelines for the authoring tools community, suppliers and public governments.
The guidelines were a result of the outcomes of the project. They are published on the website and can be spread freely.