We4Authors is the acronym of “Pilot on web accessibility for web authoring tools producers and communities”, a European Pilot Project led by Funka.

Results and reports from We4Authors

The project is finished and the results are published on the website. The finding from the project is free for anyone to use, so please share!

Market analysis

In the project, the spread and use of authoring tools in public sector throughout the European Union has been made.

Workshops with stakeholders

Reaching out to public sector web site owners, authoring tools producers, ICT suppliers, standardisation bodies and end users has been key to the project. The results of the interactive workshops held in Brussels are presented here.

Guidelines for stakeholders

One of the most tangible results of the project are the guidelines aimed at different stakeholders. Based on the prototyping, testing and dialogue with stakeholders, three sets of guidelines were developed.

Main objectives

The project focus was to produce the maximum impact in the authoring tools market of public sector websites in the EU.