Workshops on accessible Content Management Systems

In October, Funka organizes no less than three different workshops in Brussels. The goal is to initiate a dialogue with various stakeholders on how the future Content Management Systems can provide better support for accessibility.

Content Management Systems, CMS, are the tools used to create websites. The systems can provide good support, ok conditions or create problems for those who are to develop and design websites and publish content.

Within the framework of our EU-funded research project We4Authors, we have developed prototypes and conducted tests on the CMSs that are most used in the public sector throughout the EU. By testing what possibilities exist to build accessibility into the systems by default and ways in which the systems can support authors, we seen a great potential.

Three parallel target groups

After the summer, we are going to interact with various stakeholders about our preliminary results. We collaborate with leading partners when organizing workshops:

  • Together with the umbrella organization for Europe's disability organizations, the European Disability Forum, EDF, we organize a workshop for authors and end-users with diverse abilities.
  • Together with the European consumer voice in standardisation, ANEC, we arrange a workshop for CMS producers, suppliers and networks within open source tools, as well as standardization actors.
  • Together with the European Regions Research and Innovation Network, ERRIN, we organize a workshop for professionals in communication and IT in the public sector, mainly regions but also universities, authorities and cities.

At these workshops we will, among other things, present and discuss the various guidelines that the project results in. The guidelines are aimed at:

  • producers of CMS, describing how accessibility can be implemented by default
  • suppliers of CMS, describing how various functions and support for the authors can be implemented
  • website owners who procure CMS, describing how requirements for the above as well as the system's back office accessibility for users / authors can be used in procurement and development

In addition, the European Commission will continue to fund research around the topic, based on this pilot project.

If you would like to know more about the project or if you are interested in participating in one of the workshops, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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