Digital payment services for everyone!

The digitalisation of payment services is abundant, within commercial as well as public sector. But for many people, for example users with cognitive disabilities, the transition into digital payments can be difficult.

In order to make this transition go easier, Funka, together with the County Administrative Board and funding from The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, will develop and test a digital platform which will teach people when and how to use payment services. The training is aimed for users with no previous knowledge and the goal is to teach a «model» or method of payment services, no matter what bank of financial institute is behind. This will be achieved through gamification, a fun and easy way to learn new things, motivate and get a higher confidence in using online payment services.

We are very excited about this project, says Catharina Hellström Engström, County Administrative Board in Skåne. In our mission from the government regarding payment services, there is a big need for this type of support and we look forward to contribute to a bigger inclusion in society.

The idea behind the project is to create a training platform where people who aren’t using online payment services can practice their skills in a safe environment. The target audiences are for example people with cognitive disabilities, elderly or people who are less tech-savvy. To be able to try how payment services work - without the risk of losing real money - is something end users in the target groups have been asking for. The service will be possible to use in groups training as well as individually, at home. Using a playful methodology, it will easier to learn new skills and get the opportunity to try them out.

There where 116 applicants and eight winning projects in the innovation competition of 2020.

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 The Innovation Competition of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority
Period: August 2020 - November 2021
Consortium: Funka (Project Coordinator), County Administrative Board
Budget: 1 959 300 SEK

Project update

  • Award-winning project: digital payments learning platform

    Funded by winning an Innovation competition, our learning platform where users can practice online payments has also been awarded the Zero Award 2023! The prizes are of course very nice, but the most rewarding part for us is the positive feedback we get from users.