Innovative project on learning platform

The digital learning platform Claned could revolutionise learning for many students. Unlike many other products on the market, CLANED adapts to the student's ability to maximise the learning experience. Now Funka takes part in a project funded by the innovation programme Eurostars, to further develop the product to increased accessibility for continued commercialisation.

We are excited that so much is happening at the same time in the field of education, Susanna Laurin, CEO of Funka, comments. Increasing accessibility in learning is an investment in the future that we are happy to contribute to.

The learning platform CLANED has been developed by the Claned Group, formerly TribaLearning, one of Finland’s hottest start-ups. By utilising smart data the content is adapted to the student’s ability and can sense stress level, emotional state and even physical factors. The platform helps students in real time with their learning process and gives feedback that develops learning and hence the ability to control their own development.

Cooperation and innovation

The consortium behind the project is Claned Group, Laurea University in Finland and Funka. With funding from Eurostars, CLANED will be further developed into an accessible learning platform that has the potential to radically alter the opportunities for learning. Funka will, in addition to contributing expertise in accessibility and usability, also contribute to the development of the business model for CLANED.

The project is in line with Funka’s other initiatives in education, including among others the Swedish innovation projects A digital school for all and Funka for parents.


Eurostars is a program within the international EUREKA network, which is mainly aimed at small and medium enterprises with their own research and development. Eurostars helps with the commercialisation of products and services based on innovative technologies. The EU funds Eurostars at 25 %, with additional funds coming from national research and development agencies. In Sweden, the innovation authority VINNOVA coordinates the EUREKA network.


Funded by: Eurostars
Consortium: Claned Group, Laurea University and Funka
Period: September 2015 – September 2017
Budget: 1 million Euros

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