An accessible learning platform with customised learning resources

Over the past two years, Funka has contributed to a project in Finland to develop a next generation learning platform, Claned. Funka has developed a method of measuring accessibility and usability, and has conducted tests with both experts and users.

What makes the learning platform unique is the approach of allowing the platform itself to analyze and adapt the learning resources that students receive from each student's unique prerequisites.

Claned applies artificial intelligence and theories of pedagogical psychology, which shows what factors affect individual learning. The platform is designed to capture data from each interaction the users do in the system. Interactions occur when students read, write, collaborate, organise and plan in the tool. This results in a comprehensive insight that shows the student's study performance and learning orientation, but also motivation, emotions and stress levels. In this way, it also helps students to learn how they learn. Educators, in turn, can act on real-time knowledge and continuously produce better and more adaptive courses for their students.

The Claned project is part of the series of projects regarding digital school environments that Funka operates and contributes to ensuring that students, students, teachers and parents, regardless of disability, can use digital tools. Among other things, we have developed a prototype for a communication platform that makes it easier for parents with disabilities to take part in their children's schooling, evaluated learning platforms in several countries, investigated how tablets work in school environments, and we have for many years been developing and operating a learning platform for the Swedish National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools.

User tests and working methods

Funka's role has been to develop a method of measuring accessibility and usability, and to conduct tests with both experts and users. As usual, when tests are carried out by Funka, users both with and without disabilities have been involved.

It has been amazing to see how the platform has progressed since we came in contact with it for the first time. Letting educational resources help the user to find the right level of information material and exercises is a real step toward increased accessibility. Claned is still a relatively young solution in the market, but the huge potential of this approach is obvious, says Andreas Cederbom, Head of Analysis at Funka.

The research project has now been completed, but the work on the further development of the platform continues. The company behind the platform, Claned Group, incorporates the method Funka designed, to make the platform accessible as an integral part of the ongoing development work.

It has been exciting to work with Funka’s experts as their profound commitment to accessibility is as strong as is ours to personalised learning. We believe in providing a learning environment suitable and accessible to all in the world, and this is possible by collaborating with development partners like Funka, states Mervi Palander, CEO at Claned Group.

Participating in the project are the Finnish education technology company Claned Group, Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Finland and Funka. Claned Group has won several significant industry awards and recognitions in the fields of education technology and startup business. Laurea is a distinguished university with a focus on applied science and technology.

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