Funka's video captions are translated into ten languages

The videos about the European Standard on accessibility in ICT procurement, EN301549, are already in use in many countries and there are more to come! In September, we will launch captions in Norwegian and Finnish, followed by French and Italian. The Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese translations have been in place since the spring.

It is very gratifying that the videos have had such a big impact, says Johan Kling, Head of Consultants and Quality at Funka. We already see more clearer demands on accessibility in public procurement.

The videos about the EN-standard Funka has produced on behalf of Microsoft are in English. They go through each chapter and describe how the standard can be used. When the entire translation project is complete, the captions of the videos will have be translated into ten European languages.

Making the language of a standard clear and explain its importance in the life of a user is not an easy task. Funka has done a remarkable job with this video series on EN301549. Spreading the message to the world that expresses itself in Portuguese is also Universal Design - we had to do it, says Jorge Fernandes, Head of ACCESS Unit of the FCT / Ministry of Science, Technology & Higher Education (Portugal).
PTS wants there to be a broad range of products available in the field of electronic communications. Therefore, we would like to contribute in different ways to make it possible for as many as possible to be able to use the standard in the easiest thinkable way, says Malin Wahlquist at The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS).
ICTs are changing the life of the entire world and transforming our society, businesses and public administrations. Let's join together to make everybody take part and benefit from them. Thanks for these illustrative and very useful videos, says Elena Muñoz Salinero, Head of ICT at the National Observatory of Electronic Government at the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration.
Canal Fundación ONCE @ UNED Abierta is currently offering a MOOC about ICT accessibility and public procurement. Our learning design for the course includes online materials such as videos, text, tests and other activities. The series of EN301549 videos is a perfect complement to help our students to understand and apply the EN, says Alejandro Rodríguez Ascaso (Ph.D.), lecturer at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED). Furthermore, Microsoft and Funka are leading by example. The videos are fully accessible according to the EN, which eases their use by Canal Fundación ONCE. Just think that UNED has 7000+ disabled students, who are either current or future professionals.
This is a great opportunity for purchasers in Norway to understand how to cater for universal design in ICT procurement. This is something we get a lot of questions about, and we think that many will benefit from the movies. Therefore, we have contributed to the Norwegian subtitles and hope this will be of great help and joy to many, says Malin Rygg, Head of Audit for Universal Design of ICT at Difi.

To achieve maximum impact, we work together with the national agency or ministry responsible for web accessibility and/or procurement in each country. For example, the Ministry of Finance launches the Finnish-language captions at a conference on Design for All in Helsinki, 19 September.

We get lots of questions about what EN301549 actually is and how accessibility and EN301549 should be addressed in procurement, in the creation of services and what all this actually entails. This video series is of great help and is of great support for us in understanding accessibility on a deeper level and in spreading the accessibility gospel, says Markus Rahkola, senior specialist at the Ministry of Finance, Finland.


Translated captions of the EN-standard videos

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Accessibility requirements for public procurement


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