Accessibility audits

At Funka, we audit the accessibility of digital applications. Funka’s experts have also led the effort to develop the monitoring methodology for the new Web Accessibility Directive. This means that our consultants know exactly what needs to be done, and that you can have complete confidence in the result.

Our analyses encompass exactly those requirements you want to check: the minimum requirements of the law (WCAG 2.1 AA/(H)EN 301 549), or the level of requirements necessary to make sure that the interface works for persons with disabilities.

We audit all types of websites, extranets, intranets, apps, and documents. Funka’s analyses take WCAG 2.1 as their starting point. We divide the result into checkpoints to make it easy and manageable for you to address any shortcomings.

We have also developed our own requirements for clients who wish to go beyond the current legal minimum level.

We help you meet the legal requirements!

To publish an accessibility statement, you need to know the status of all of your interfaces. We can help you through different types of audits, which can all be used as reference points when declaring the interface’s accessibility level. Depending on how much you already know, we can adjust our offer to fit your exact needs.

Our certified accessibility experts provide support regarding the interpretation of the law and help you put together a clear statement that helps users as well as monitoring bodies.

We offer different levels of analysis

Large – Extended accessibility audit, including against legal requirements

Medium – Audit against legal requirements

Small – Audit against legal requirements

The Web Accessibility Directive monitoring methodology

The method that all member states must use to verify compliance with the law consists of two different parts: simplified and extended audits.

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