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  • Webinar - Increase the impact of your EU-funded project through accessibility!

    Research has an impact on society as a whole. Therefore, research results should reach all citizens, including people with disabilities, older adults and immigrants. If you are a project manager, dissemination manager, project partner or EC project officer, Sara Kjellstrand (Research Strategist) and Jon Switters (EU Project Manager) are going to show you.
  • Facebook-Funka Accessibility Hackathon 2021

    For the second consecutive year, Facebook and Funka are co-organizing a virtual Hackathon on accessibility and inclusion to be held on 29 November 2021. Students from across Europe are invited to participate and pitch a product or idea that promotes digital accessibility and inclusion.
  • Speech as a digital tool

    In a new and exciting project on digital accessibility for people who stutter, the Swedish Stuttering Association and Funka will review, test, and propose solutions for an often forgotten part of accessibility.
  • Funka takes a look at accessible reading

    What do you need to be able to read? In a new government assignment, Funka is studying accessible reading. What is it, who uses it, and who is responsible for it?
  • New interesting investigation about cognitive accessibility in digital interfaces

    How much does the research community know about cognitive accessibility online? What gaps are there in current regulations for web accessibility when it comes to meeting the needs of people with cognitive impairments? Together with the consulting firm ICF, Funka has been asked by the European Commission to investigate cognitive accessibility on the web.
  • Funka reviews Skånetrafiken’s app

    Skånetrafiken has let Funka review their app, because as of 23 June, apps will be covered by the web accessibility directive. Skånetrafiken is an administration within Region Skåne with the task of offering sustainable, public transport in Scania (Skåne).
  • Let us remediate your PDF-documents!

    PDF-documents in public sector in the EU should be accessible since September 23 2018. Send your documents to us and we will make sure that they meet the requirements. The service is fast and smooth and you do not have to worry about anything.
  • Get certified this summer!

    Funka is a proud co-founder of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, IAAP. IAAP offers professional certification in accessibility. More than 200 people have been certified in the Nordic region so far and demand is increasing.
  • Funka's YouTube channel

    Feel free to check out Funka's YouTube channel. We are constantly uploading new videos - webinars, expert tips and product descriptions. Funka's videos are subtitled.
  • Pre-GAAD event 19 May 2021 - Authoring tools with built-in accessibility!

    In this online event, you will meet market leading authoring tool producers and accessibility experts who have joined forces to make sure web authors get better support when creating accessible content. We will demonstrate the exciting results from two EU-funded research projects, where brand new features for "accessibility by default" have been developed.
  • Covid-19 related apps and services need to be accessible

    The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) in Norway chose Funka to audit an app for tracing Covid-19 infection. Accessibility testing should be a natural part of any development process, especially when the content is so important for everyone.
  • Whats ‘appening? On June 23rd, apps must be accessible!

    Now is the time for Europe to focus is on accessibility in apps, as June 23 is the deadline for apps covered by the Web Accessibility Directive to meet the requirements. We get a lot of questions about this important topic and are happy to share tips and ideas. Book a free consultation with us!
  • Funka training - PDF & Accessibility

    Do you want to make sure that documents published on the web can be read by anyone? Learn how to create PDF files that meet the requirements of the Web Accessibility Directive. At Funka's courses on accessible PDF files and documents, you get all the tools you need to be successful.
  • Three questions to Radek Pavlíček

    Three questions to Radek Pavlíček (CPWA), senior accessibility specialist, project coordinator, and event manager at the Teiresias Centre of Masaryk University (Brno, the Czech Republic).
  • The next generation of accessibility experts?

    People with disabilities in Sweden can now apply to become “user experts” in web accessibility. In cooperation with the folk high school Furuboda, and with funding from the innovation agency Vinnova, Funka has developed a ground-breaking training course.
  • Local government focuses on everyone's right to information

    With a website that is accessible from the start, an ambitious training program and committed employees, the City of Trollhättan is striving for inclusive information.
  • Buddy, the new digital best friend of users with cognitive impairments

    Together with Johannes Kepler University in Austria, Funka will develop an AI-based recommender for assistive technology focusing on cognitive impairments. The European Commission is funding the research.
  • New Funka report on TV accessibility

    In a new report, Funka looks at how TV broadcasts can be made accessible for viewers with disabilities. The report will be used by the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority to create new accessibility requirements for commercial television.
  • Three questions to Christer Janzon

    Three questions to Christer Janzon, front end developer and accessibility expert at Funka.
  • Inera and Funka are working together towards increased accessibility

    Many of our customers choose to bring in Funka's experts as a kind of independent third party to ensure that the requirements for accessibility are met. Others chose a more collaborative approach.
  • Swedol chooses accessibility - for the benefit of their customers

    Even though only public sector organisations are covered by the EU-regulations so far, still more commercial companies strive for increased accessibility nowadays. These organisations chose to work with accessibility because they know it makes business sense.
  • Free webinars: Research and Innovation

    We are happy to share our knowledge and we love to get questions about accessibility. You get the chance to learn new things and be inspired. Attend our Friday webinars - it's completely free!
  • Norway one step closer to the Web Accessibility Directive

    This spring, the Norwegian Parliament will vote on the introduction of the EU Web Accessibility Directive into Norwegian law. This will give our neighboring country the same requirements and rules, which benefits both users and the industry.
  • Take care of the expertise of the users

    In a new EU-funded research project, Funka focuses on users' experiences of accessibility. We develop methods and training so that users with disabilities can contribute in a positive way to increased accessibility.
  • When new technology supports the users

    Funka's Chief Research and Innovation Officer Susanna Laurin on technology that really provide support but still make people wonder.
  • Funka in a new strategic assignment: Review of the Web Accessibility Directive

    How does the European accessibility regulations work – should something change? That is what Funka is going to investigate, on behalf of the European Commission.
  • Involve the users workshop

    On the 27th of January, Funka together with Norwegian and Finnish disability organizations is co-organising an online workshop on user involvement. It is a part of the Involve the users research project and we would like to involve you!
  • Text in images - read our latest tips in our Accessibility in social media series

    If you want to use text in an image, keep in mind that the text must be readable, both visually and technically, to comply with the directive and work for everyone.
  • Accessibility in Smart Cities

    Smart Cities is a concept that encompasses all types of digitisation and smart technology. But for it to work for everyone, it must not only be smart, but accessible. We contribute to that in a Norwegian research project.
  • Captioned video - What's the status?

    How will the requirements of the Web Accessibility Directive on captions affect the production of video? This is what we wanted to investigate together with the Swedish National Association of the Hearing Impaired.
  • A week focusing on disabilities

    Early December each year, many of us who work with disability issues in different ways come together to celebrate the international (or European) Day of Persons with Disabilities. This years meetings were held online but with a program as exciting as usual. There are a lot of interesting recording to watch, we have listed some of our favorites here.
  • Accessibility at a distance

    The main reason for conferences and meetings is, well, to meet. Speakers and panels are of course important, but quite often the most interesting conversations occur during the coffee break. This is hard to replicate when most events happen online.
  • Three questions for Jan Lundin

    Three questions for Jan Lundin, CEO of Funka.
  • Facebook-Funka Accessibility Hackathon 2020

    We are happy to announce the winner of the Facebook-Funka Accessibility Hackathon: Natalie Wochner from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands!
  • Webinar on the European Accessibility Act November 6

    Welcome to Funka's Friday webinar on November 6 at 1.00 PM (CET) where we describe the European Accessibility Act that covers products and services.
  • Let us remediate your PDF-documents!

    On September 23, 2-year-old PDF-documents in public sector in the EU should be accessible. Send your documents to us and we will make sure that they meet the requirements. The service is fast and smooth and you do not have to worry about anything.
  • Procurement - a key to better accessibility

    When suppliers do the right thing and deliver accessibility from the start, everything becomes much better. But in order for them to have a chance to do so, you must provide clear requirements. We'll teach you how!
  • How is your Accessibility Statement doing?

    Funka provides support with everything that has to do with the Web Accessibility Directive, including the Accessibility Statement.