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  • Three questions to Christer Janzon

    Three questions to Christer Janzon, front end developer and accessibility expert at Funka.
  • Inera and Funka are working together towards increased accessibility

    Many of our customers choose to bring in Funka's experts as a kind of independent third party to ensure that the requirements for accessibility are met. Others chose a more collaborative approach.
  • Swedol chooses accessibility - for the benefit of their customers

    Even though only public sector organisations are covered by the EU-regulations so far, still more commercial companies strive for increased accessibility nowadays. These organisations chose to work with accessibility because they know it makes business sense.
  • Free webinars: Research and Innovation

    We are happy to share our knowledge and we love to get questions about accessibility. You get the chance to learn new things and be inspired. Attend our Friday webinars - it's completely free!
  • Norway one step closer to the Web Accessibility Directive

    This spring, the Norwegian Parliament will vote on the introduction of the EU Web Accessibility Directive into Norwegian law. This will give our neighboring country the same requirements and rules, which benefits both users and the industry.
  • Take care of the expertise of the users

    In a new EU-funded research project, Funka focuses on users' experiences of accessibility. We develop methods and training so that users with disabilities can contribute in a positive way to increased accessibility.
  • When new technology supports the users

    Funka's Chief Research and Innovation Officer Susanna Laurin on technology that really provide support but still make people wonder.
  • Funka in a new strategic assignment: Review of the Web Accessibility Directive

    How does the European accessibility regulations work – should something change? That is what Funka is going to investigate, on behalf of the European Commission.
  • Involve the users workshop

    On the 27th of January, Funka together with Norwegian and Finnish disability organizations is co-organising an online workshop on user involvement. It is a part of the Involve the users research project and we would like to involve you!
  • Text in images - read our latest tips in our Accessibility in social media series

    If you want to use text in an image, keep in mind that the text must be readable, both visually and technically, to comply with the directive and work for everyone.
  • Accessibility in Smart Cities

    Smart Cities is a concept that encompasses all types of digitisation and smart technology. But for it to work for everyone, it must not only be smart, but accessible. We contribute to that in a Norwegian research project.
  • Captioned video - What's the status?

    How will the requirements of the Web Accessibility Directive on captions affect the production of video? This is what we wanted to investigate together with the Swedish National Association of the Hearing Impaired.
  • A week focusing on disabilities

    Early December each year, many of us who work with disability issues in different ways come together to celebrate the international (or European) Day of Persons with Disabilities. This years meetings were held online but with a program as exciting as usual. There are a lot of interesting recording to watch, we have listed some of our favorites here.
  • Accessibility at a distance

    The main reason for conferences and meetings is, well, to meet. Speakers and panels are of course important, but quite often the most interesting conversations occur during the coffee break. This is hard to replicate when most events happen online.
  • Three questions for Jan Lundin

    Three questions for Jan Lundin, CEO of Funka.
  • Facebook-Funka Accessibility Hackathon

    We are happy to announce the winner of the Facebook-Funka Accessibility Hackathon: Natalie Wochner from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands!
  • Accessibility in social media

    We get lots of questions about accessibility in social media. How does it work? What does the regulations say in different member states? How to meet the requirements? We will help you understand the connection between accessibility and social media.
  • Webinar on the European Accessibility Act November 6

    Welcome to Funka's Friday webinar on November 6 at 1.00 PM (CET) where we describe the European Accessibility Act that covers products and services.
  • Funka Accessibility Days 24-25 November: a digital live event!

    Welcome to our most important conference, which this year will be held online. We will do everything we can to create opportunities for interaction and networking, so that the days become as exciting and inspiring as they usually are.
  • Accessibility in learning management systems

    Education is becoming increasingly digital, which provides great opportunities for better inclusion of people with disabilities. However, if the learning platforms do not meet the requirements for accessibility, students with disabilities risk being excluded. We want to change that in a new research project.
  • Three questions to David Berman

    Three questions to David Berman, Berman Communication, Canada.
  • Funka solves accessibility demands with new technology

    By September 2020, public sector in the EU have to meet legal requirements of the EU Web Accessibility Directive. This means that everyone, regardless of their ability, should be able to access information and use services on the websites of public sector bodies.
  • Three questions to Samantha Evans

    Three questions to Samantha Evans, Certification Manager at the International Association of Accessibility Professional, IAAP
  • Let us remediate your PDF-documents!

    On September 23, 2-year-old PDF-documents in public sector in the EU should be accessible. Send your documents to us and we will make sure that they meet the requirements. The service is fast and smooth and you do not have to worry about anything.
  • Legal requirements for accessibility - a big or small step for mankind?

    Funkas Susanna Laurin writes about how different sectors perceive the legal requirements and how private sector will react when they get to know the European Accessibility Act.
  • Would you like to learn more about built-in / automatic accessibility?

    Right now, you have the chance to influence, test and contribute to innovative solutions for the next generation authoring tools! Learn more and be inspired by participating in one of Funka's exciting research projects.
  • Users become experts in national project

    The market is crying out for more web accessibility experts. Can users with disabilities fill the gap? In a new Swedish project, Funka and Furuboda folk high school want to find out.
  • Funka Accessibility Days 24-25 November 2020

    Due to the Corona situation, the Accessibilty Days have been postponed. But in November, we will make sure the most important event of the year is happening no matter what! Let yourself be inspired by end users with disabilities revealing their personal experiences, international experts in technology, graphic design, UX and content creation giving their best pro tips and researchers sharing the latest knowledge in the field. Welcome to our world!
  • Three question for Alf Lindberg

    Three questions for Alf Lindberg, responsible for policy work at the Swedish Assocation of Hard of Hearing People, who has succeeded in making a new symbol for captioning accepted by the Swedish Standards Insitute (SIS).
  • Are you ready for September 23? Funka is here to help!

    There is a great focus on the legal requirements in Europe right now. Our clients have the same requirements but different opportunities to meet them. To best support our clients, we therefore offer products and services at different levels.
  • Norwegian agency chooses Funka to test automatic translation

    Does automatic translation work well enough to be used by public sector bodies? The Brønnøysund Register Centre wanted to find out and had Funka investigate the matter.
  • Funka educates young people with disabilities

    In order for more people to understand what the new legislation on digital accessibility means from a user perspective, Funka offers free education for young people with disabilities. The European Commission is funding the project.
  • Digital payment services for everyone!

    Funka has won an innovation competition with a service that will help more people use online payment services. The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority is funding the project and the Skåne County Administrative Board is our partner.
  • Funka promoted as key innovator by the European Commission

    One of the research projects Funka is working in has been analysed by the Innovation Radar and Funka has been listed as key innovator together with Texthelp and the University of Linz.
  • Time to fix your PDF documents

    Let us take care of the accessibility of your PDF documents during the summer, so you do not have to worry about the September 23 deadline. We can audit, remediate or train - depending on the needs of your organisation.
  • Norwegian SpareBank 1 chooses Funka

    Funka has been commissioned to audit the accessibility of the Internet bank and banking app for Norwegian SpareBank 1, using the higher level of accessibility requirements that Funka has designed in cooperation with the disability organisations. As SpareBank 1 has higher ambitions than just complying to the law, Funka has been hired to see if there is room for further improvements.
  • Networking and collaboration - a great way to succeed with accessibility

    Not sure who to ask? Do you need inspiration? Do you want to share your thoughts with like-minded people? Then maybe you should join a network that works with accessibility?
  • Three questions for Olle Hansen

    Three questions for Olle Hansen, Captain and project manager on the accessible catamaran and racing boat Handicat.
  • Funka Accessibility Days November 24-25

    To give as many people as possible a chance to attend our annual conference, we have postponed the Accessibility Days to the end of November. We are very much looking forward to exciting presentations and inspiring discussions this year, when teleworking, online training and web meetings have become something everyone is doing. Digital accessibility has never been more important!
  • Understandable text through machine learning

    Together with the RISE Research Institutes if Sweden, Funka will investigate whether AI can help web authors create texts that are easier to understand.
  • Procurement - a key to better accessibility

    When suppliers do the right thing and deliver accessibility from the start, everything becomes much better. But in order for them to have a chance to do so, you must provide clear requirements. We'll teach you how!
  • Public broadcasting apps accessibility tested

    App accessibility is getting increasing attention. For many years Funka has been working with the different digital channels of the Swedish public broadcaster SVT. Right now, we are testing how the popular apps meet accessibility requirements.
  • Accessibility: the responsibility of the whole team!

    Make sure your own team as well as many other parts of the organisation get at least basic training in accessibility. It becomes much more easy to move things forward internally if you are not the only one aware of the requirements.
  • Involving users

    When people with disabilities contributes to finding new solutions, set requirements and do testing, the end result is better for everyone. In a new research project, Funka will try to contribute to better user involvement.
  • Regional library chooses Funka

    Libraries are just one of all the important community services that must meet accessibility requirements under the European Web Accessibility Directive. The regional library of Värmland has chosen to involve expertise on accessibility to ensure that the site works for everyone.
  • Three questions to Lars Qvart

    Three questions to Lars Qvart, Communications Strategist at the Swedish Tax Agency.
  • When accessibility is a matter of course

    Many of our clients focus on the requirements of the law, but not all of them. For the Swedish Association of Teaching Material Authors, it is self-evident that information must work for everyone, even if the organisation is not covered by the law. Funka is re-developing the organisation’s website focusing on accessibility.
  • Three questions to Veronica Magnusson Hallberg

    Three questions to Veronica Magnusson Hallberg, chair of the Swedish Down syndrome Association.
  • The introduction of the Web Accessibility Directive is delayed within EFTA

    Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland will implement the Web Accessibility Directive a little later than planned. Meanwhile, Norway is developing a centralised functionality for accessibility statements.
  • Research results: guidelines on authoring tools

    Until we will can meet again and conduct our popular lectures and conferences presenting the latest research results we have obtained, we would like promote the reports we are continuously publishing. We are happy to share our knowledge.
  • Online opportunity to enhance your knowledge on accessibility

    Many large accessibility events have been cancelled or postponed because of Covid-19. This means that a lot of interesting presentations risk never being held. ”A Future Date” is a volunteer-led virtual accessibility event full of curated sessions 21-23 of April. The conference is free of charge.
  • Built-in accessibility offers support to web authors

    By providing authoring tools with built-in accessibility, non-experts can publish in an accessible way. Funka has received funding to develop better templates with built-in accessibility for EpiServer.
  • Funka supports the spread of innovative digital health and care solutions across Europe

    In these troubled times, it is more important then ever to learn from each other across sectors and borders when it comes to digital health for elderly. By sharing experiences between industry, civil society, the academy and governments, innovative solutions can be made available throughout Europe.
  • Three questions to Susanna Cederquist

    Three questions to Susanna Cederquist, teacher and author focusing on dyslexia.
  • Recurring audits are a sign of quality

    Returning customers is always nice. But even better is when they, like the municipality of Trondheim in Norway, choose to gradually improve their interfaces and then ensure that they succeed by allowing us to test against the requirements.
  • ICT-companies are trained in UX and accessibility

    Daresay is one of many suppliers who have chosen Funka to deepen their knowledge of accessibility. With practical exercises and good examples, training activites can be tailored to the customer's demands.
  • Funka influences the authoring tool market

    With funding from the European Parliament, we have got the chance to build upon one of our most innovative research projects. This time we will work together with authoring tools producers to make models for accessibility by default.
  • Young entrepreneurs develop new wheelchair ramp

    Backrack UB is a project aimed at developing a portable and collapsable ramp for wheelchairs. Being able to solve problems with lack of accessibility can give you a feeling of freedom.
  • Conference May 6: Let future IT professionals learn accessibility!

    How could the next generation of technicians, designers and communication people get accessibility right from the start? What can we do to facilitate their way out into the labor market now that demands are being raised? On May 6, the results of a Nordic research project will be presented in Stockholm.
  • How is your Accessibility Statement doing?

    Funka provides support with everything that has to do with the Web Accessibility Directive, including the Accessibility Statement.