Funka's Friday webinars on accessibility

Increased legal requirements in parallel with more and more happening online mean that digital accessibility is more important than ever. We share knowledge, experience and inspiration at Funka's Friday webinars.

Our world-leading experts give a short presentation on a specific topic within the world of accessibility and you get to ask questions.

Take the chance to learn more about digital accessibility for free! We publish dates and themes on an ongoing basis.

Funka's Friday webinars start at 13.00 CET.

  • Apr

    AI, ML and accessibility - trends, opportunities and ethics

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are already used to support accessibility. Research as well as businesses see a great potential, and a lot of interesting innovation is happening as we speak. How can we make sure these technologies benefit inclusion without opening up for bias or privacy issues? In this webinar, you will learn more about the potential of AI and ML in the perspective of accessibility. We will present two highly relevant research projects on the topic and discuss potential next steps with key experts. The distinguished panel contains perspectives from end users, research and AI expertise. The webinar is live captioned.
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