A journey into digital accessibility

Business Seminar: Digital Accessibility, Stockholm - 21.03.2024

Digital accessibility

Embark on a journey into digital accessibility at an insightful breakfast on March 21, 2024 at Urban Deli Sveavägen. This event is proudly presented by Vaimo, with us, Funka serving as the guest speakers.

Explore the transformative European Accessibility Act 2025 (EAA) that reshapes business dynamics. This directive isn’t just about compliance – it’s an opportunity to broaden market reach and foster inclusivity. Learn from three perspectives on why digital accessibility is vital for business strategy, offering a catalyst for success and compliance.

Join us for an engaging breakfast session, gaining actionable insights to meet the requirements of the new Accessibility Act.

Date: Thursday, March 21. 2024
Time: 09.00 | 10.30

Place: Urban Deli Sveavägen, Stockholm

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