Introduction to creating accessible documents

Important information such as blanks and forms are often published online as documents. But a document is not automatically accessible if it has not been created properly. Funka will train you and provide you with the basics for succeeding.

Who’s it for?

The training is aimed at those who want to learn to produce documents and PDF files with ensured accessibility. It is aimed at those who have not worked with accessibility before and focuses on giving you a sound foundation to stand on.

We recommend that you first complete the training "PDF & Accessibility" to get an understanding of what documents with ensured accessibility actually involve, to then proceed to delve deeper into the software that is the most relevant for your work specifically.

About the training

During the training you will learn the basics of how to create documents with ensured accessibility. We go through what you should bear in mind when creating the document, what to consider during the workflow and the technique that is involved when doing finishing work in Adobe Acrobat Pro. We will go through various tips and tricks on how to make work easier along the way. Of course, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions directly to our expert during and after the training.

After completing the training, you will have an understanding of what a document with ensured accessibility entails, what you need to do to meet the legal requirements, and knowing which tools you can use in your preprocessing.


This training is an advanced course. In order for you to get the most out of this training, we recommend that you have first completed the training: Introduction to Accessibility.


  • Basic understanding of accessibility and why it is important.
  • What to consider before creating a document.
  • General considerations on how to make preprocessing in Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign easier.
  • Basic tips on finishing work in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Understanding of formatting of images, paragraphs, templates and links.

Tips and tricks to make accessibility work easier.

Course duration: 2 hours and 55 minutes.

Funka is an Adobe Certified Training Provider.

Terms and conditions when buying a course from Funka  

Terms and conditions.

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    On-demand: Introduction to creating accessible documents

    The training is available whenever and wherever you want, divided into short chapters. You decide your own pace of study and have unlimited personal access for 6 months from your order.

    Price: 240 EUR

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